Should You Get Into Affiliate Marketing?

Have you been thinking about starting an online business as an affiliate marketer and wondering if it’s right for you? Many people earn a good full-time living simply by becoming what’s known as a “super affiliate.” This article isn’t about being a super affiliate, but will help you decide if you want to get into affiliate marketing and then decide if you want to become a super affiliate once you’ve seen some success. I should note that super affiliates do this business as a full time business venture. However, many of them start off on a part time basis and build their income before quitting their full time job. For now, let’s discover if affiliate marketing is right for you.

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Do you purchase a lot of digital or physical products for your own personal use?

2. Do you or would you recommend those products without getting paid to do so?

3. Can you write decent product reviews?

4. Are you willing to write product reviews?

5. Are you willing to write blog and article content to grow traffic and build your business?

6. Are you financially able to outsource the work if you aren’t willing to do it?

These are important questions to ask yourself. Building a business as an affiliate marketer can take time. One of the key things to being a good affiliate is having people trust you and your recommendations. If you simply want to set up an affiliate site and not be seen, so to speak, it can be even harder to build an affiliate business. If you already have a following and many people already like you, transitioning into an affiliate business may be relatively easy for you.

Let’s get to those questions:

Do you purchase digital or physical products? The reason this question is important is because it’s hard to recommend and sell something that you don’t have a personal interest in. People can generally tell if you have a personal attachment to the product or if you’re simply trying to make sales.

Also, when you’ve used a product personally, you’ll find it much easier to write about and recommend. Let’s say there’s an affiliate program that sells horses. I don’t think one really exists, but this is a big example. It offers a 50% commision for every horse you sell. This could be big money for you. However, you hate horses. How well do you think you could sell a horse—to a horse lover—when you hate horses? They will see right through you. Always have some kind of personal knowledge of a product or make sure it’s something on your own wish list.

What about making recommendations for free? Staying with our horse example, let’s say you actually love horses and want to find them good homes. It’s likely that you would try and sell these horses without making any money at it. People will know that you genuinely care about the horses and finding them good homes and would be more likely to buy on your recommendation.

Writing product reviews. These do not have to be grand or absolutely perfect, but they do need to be decently written and make sense. If you can write good product reviews, add a little of your own enthusiasm and personality into them, it’s likely you will get people to buy through your links. Plus, the more you write them, the better you’ll get at writing them. They do need to be honest. If there’s something you don’t like about the product, let the readers know. They will appreciate your honesty and they may not even be concerned with the one thing you didn’t like.

Are you willing to write product reviews? This is actually a key component to being a good affiliate marketer. You need to write reviews to promote products. If you aren’t willing to do this or can’t afford to pay someone to write reviews for you, then affiliate marketing may not be for you. Unless you can find another way to promote products, you will have to do some writing.

Being an affiliate marketing can be one of the easiest and fun ways to start earning a living online. But remember, it does take time and commitment. You can start part-time, but unless you’re willing to put in the work and grow it into a full time business, you may want to consider another avenue.

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